My Client’s Body Is Broken

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My Client’s Body is Broken – aka the problem with many doulas these days.

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It happens all the time in doula forums. A doula comes to the group and is desperate for ways to help make her client’s labor efficient. The breakdown goes a little something like this:

“My client has been in labor for (insert random #of hours or days here) with contractions that are stop and start. They range from 8-10+ minutes apart and then stop completely for hours at a time. What can we do to get this labor to be more productive?”

And then the replies start:

  • ”Baby might be malpositioned. Try hands and knees, miles circuit, three sisters.”
  • “Do Walcher’s to get baby engaged!” This one is the one that drives me totally bonkers and it’s suggested so frequently we should make it part of a “terrible suggestions for prodromal labor” drinking game! Because it…

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