Make “Greenies” for your dogs

darla cooks

“Greenies” are dog treats. If you are a dog owner you know this- and probably have very definite feelings about them. Dogs love them.  There was some issues with “Greenies” a few years back about their digestibility and whether or not they are “bad” for dogs.  I know MY dogs LOVE them. Like dog crack- they gobble them up. I stopped giving them to my dogs a few years back because they are pretty pricy and they never really do digest. I think you know how I know.  The benefits of GREENIES were supposed to be- improved breath and dental cleaning. They were even shaped like a toothbrush!  I always doubted the dental cleaning part- Greenies always seemed to stick to the dog’s teeth… like gummy bears. I have wanted  to make my own greenies for a while now. I knew there was no way that I would get the…

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My Client’s Body Is Broken

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My Client’s Body is Broken – aka the problem with many doulas these days.

Birth Doula Tucson

It happens all the time in doula forums. A doula comes to the group and is desperate for ways to help make her client’s labor efficient. The breakdown goes a little something like this:

“My client has been in labor for (insert random #of hours or days here) with contractions that are stop and start. They range from 8-10+ minutes apart and then stop completely for hours at a time. What can we do to get this labor to be more productive?”

And then the replies start:

  • ”Baby might be malpositioned. Try hands and knees, miles circuit, three sisters.”
  • “Do Walcher’s to get baby engaged!” This one is the one that drives me totally bonkers and it’s suggested so frequently we should make it part of a “terrible suggestions for prodromal labor” drinking game! Because it…

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How to Be a Ladyperson at the Holidays: 10 Important Tips

All of these.

Straight from the ad pages of your favorite magazines, here’s your guide to being a girl in December. Take notes.

* * *

1. Stay cozy. Wear a baby.

wear a baby If you play your cards right, your sensitive, goateed dad/boyfriend/professor will reward you with a pair of socks made out of his extra sweater sleeves.

 * * *

2. Flaunt your complexity.

Embrace all your many dimensions. Think: "I'm an heiress and an Italian professor at this upscale tropical funeral." Show off all your many dimensions at once. When planning outfits for your holiday soirées, think: “I’m an heiress and an Italian professor at this upscale tropical funeral.”

* * *

3. Represent feminine softness in a hard masculine world.

coach All around you are skyscrapers made of bricks and iron and glass and ouchy things. They’re all pointy and hard. But not you. You’re a soft pink flower in a gentle haze of light. Everything around you is blooming, because you breathed springtime into winter. You’re a superfresh candypants sugarblossom.

 * * *

4. If you’re truly hot, you…

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second shot at greatness.

There are four months and six days left until liftoff. I have to admit that I’m ridiculously nervous, as things didn’t go according to plan last time. However, what faith I have left drives me towards feeling that everything will be perfect. Can we depend on faith?Image